Our Why

Schools struggle to diversify their staff even as the demographics of the country shift. While 50% of our students are Black, Latinx, Asian, Native, and Indigenous, teachers of the same groups make up only 20% of school staff. 40% of our public schools do not have even one educator of color. Our founder, Winston Daley, lived these numbers as a child. And he’s seeing his daughter live these same numbers in her school system years later.

Agogos was founded to match talented educators of color with schools struggling to recruit teachers from other districts and racial backgrounds so that every student can see themselves in their school leaders and educational role models.

Male Teacher with Students

Our Founder

Winston Daley

Winston Daley began his career in finance, spending more than a dozen years working for some of the country’s biggest institutional investment clients before switching paths to work in youth development and all areas of social justice, equity, and access.

Born in Jamaica, Winston received his bachelor’s degree in Business and Entrepreneurial Studies from Suffolk University and his master’s degree from Northeastern University. Winston has worked in the nonprofit space in areas of youth employment, mentorship, equity, and access for the underserved.

Winston joins the tech space as a parent who grew frustrated hearing administrators say they could not find educators of color and watching the passive hiring practices of school districts. He is a builder excited to make innovative tech that serves both schools dedicated to equity and educators of color.